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Nowadays China has made significant progress in the field of education, particularly in the last decade as its government pursued reform and the open-door policy. But there are still many children of school age are forced out of school due solely to poverty, especially in those rural areas located in the western part of China. This is a challenging task for a country of great size, large population, and which is also harried by economic disparity.

At China Connection Tours, we are not just committed to providing reliable China travel solutions and enriching experiences to our customers, we are also determined to bring unique care to children in remote and disadvantaged regions of China. The launch of the CCT Foundation helps us reach the goal.

Being the hometown of the world famous Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses, Xian is one of the most attractive destinations that served thousands of foreigners from Western countries every year. But Xian is still considered as an Under-developed city in the west part of China and there are many poor children of school age cannot study at school or forced to leave school because of the shortage of the finical support. Poverty still dampens many desires for knowledge and blocks their way of study. As a successful tour company in Xian, China Connection Tours is willing to help those poor children by joint efforts worldwide.

China Connection Tours initiated the CCT Foundation, a social welfare program, to raise much-needed funds for the improvement of educational conditions in the poor areas of Xian and to promote youth development there by joint efforts with our customers. When you travel with China Connection Tours, we will make certain amount of donation to the program that could bring sunshine to the life of those poor children

The purpose of the CCT Foundation is to safeguard the educational rights of children in poor areas of Xian. In line with government policy of raising educational funds from a variety of sources, the CCT Foundation provide financial resources to help bring dropouts back to school, improve educational facilities and promote primary education in the rural areas of Xian.

As a successful tour company in Xian, China Connection Tours is firmly committed to helping solve the concerns of the local people. Through various efforts, we want to be a good corporate citizen in Xian and be recognized by Xian as a Responsible Company while benefit from the enrich tour assets here

Facts and Figures

1% of the Gross Profit earned by China Connection Tours will be automatically transferred to the account of CCT Foundation and be used to finance those pupils who drop out because of poverty to go back school and finish their study.

One On One Assistance Bonding Program

China Connection Tours also seek the support of organizations and individual abroad that are concerned with the development of Chinese youth and children. We thank you for your kindness by volunteered to participate the One On One Assistance Bonding Program and help the children who were deprived of opportunities for basic education in poor rural areas of Xian.

The One On One Assistance Bonding Program is a mentoring program that allows individuals to offer practical support and build up a bond between themselves and the sponsored Children.

A donation of USD 100 you have supplied can cover the Tuition and other expenses of one pupil at elementary school for ONE YEAR.

CCT Foundation has set up a tracking system so as to further support these children. The tracking system will provide information on children's background before and after receiving your donation. More over, you can establish the direct contact with the child and get to know the latest information about the progress he has made.

There are also other ways in which you can help those children by participating the One On One Assistance Bonding Program:

1. A donation of USD 15, 000 can help repair a shabby school or renewing all of the necessary teaching facilities in the rural area of Xian.

2. A donation of USD 25, 000 can help set up a new primary school in the rural area of Xian that hundreds of children could have the opportunities to get the basic education here.

3. You are welcomed to set up a Fund named by yourself in a certain primary school of Xian.

4. Your donation of books or other teaching equipments is welcomed by many primary schools in the poor rural areas of Xian.

With your kindly help, many children in the rural areas of Xian would have the opportunities to return to classrooms and regain their hope for life.

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