Changsha Zhangjiajie Tour

Yellow Dragon Cave, Changsha Zhangjiajie TourDay 01 Zhangjiajie (D)

Arrive at Zhangjiajie, you will be greeted by your local guide, and transfer to Xianglong International Hotel. Dinner is special chosen Hunan cuisine, one of the most famous Eight Cuisines in China. Have a good night.

Day 02 Zhangjiajie / Wulingyuan (B, L)

Today's highlight includes Yellow Dragon Cave, one of the foremost scenic areas in Zhangjiajie, and was honored as magical karst cave both in China and in the world. Another one is Baofeng Lake, a veritable place of graceful mountains and charming waterway. Stay overnight in Wulinyuan Kaitian International Hotel.

Day 03 Wulingyuan (B, L)

After breakfast, walk through Golden Whip Brook, which is reputed as the most beautiful canyon in the world. Round trip around Shuiraosimen ( four streams converge here).Then take cable car up to Tianzishan Mountain and visit some famous scenic spots, such as King's writing brush, Helong Park, Fairy Maid Dispersing flowers and so on. Next take the golf car to Yuanjiajie, visit the First Bridge in the World and MiHunTai (the Observatory of Enchantment).Take the Bailong elevator-the world tallest one with the height of 326meters, back to the bottom.

Day 04 Wulianyuan / Fenghuang (B, L)

Visit Wang village (Lotus Town). After a quick sightseeing in Tujia Historical Museum, drive back to Fenghuang town. Stay at Fenghuang Hotel.

Fenghuang Old Town, Changsha Zhangjiajie TourDay 05 Fenghuang (B, L)

Continue our highlight tour today, we will visit the Great Wall in South of China, Phoenix old city (Fenghuang Old Town), Former Residence of Shen Congwen, who is a great modern Chinese writer as well as a research scholar of historical cultural relics. Go through Rainbow Bridge, get to the Ancestral Temple of the Yang's Clan, a two-storied quadrangle of timber frames built in 1836. With all the doors, windows and eaves carved in patterns, the layout of the entire quadrangle displays the expertise of carpentry as well as striking ethnic features and valuable art in architecture.

Day 06 Fenghuang / Shaoshan (B, L)

After breakfast, take bus to Shaoshan. On the way, visit the Peach Blossom Spring (aohuayuan), a heaven of peace described by Tao Yuanming, a very famous poet in East Jin Dynasty in Chinese history. Stay at Desheng Hotel.

Former Residence of Chairman Mao, Changsha Zhangjiajie TourDay 07 Shaoshan / Changsha (B, L)

In the morning, go to visit the Former Residence of Chairman Mao, Coppery Statue Square and Di Shui Dong Villa. After lunch, sightseeing includes Huaminglou - Former Residence of Liu Shaoqi and the Memorial Museum. Then take bus back to Changsha.

Day 08 Changsha (B, L)

Morning visit Aiwan Pavilion. The original name of Aiwan Pavilion was Hongye Pavilion and the present name is derived from the poem Strolling in the Mountain written by Du Mu (a poet of Tang Dynasty). Next is Yuelu Academy, the Hunan University is a descendant of the academy. Then have a quick travel in Hunan Provincial Museum which is well known as Mawangdui. From 1972 to early 1974, Chinese archaeological workers excavated three tombs of the Western Han Dynasty at Mawangdui and achieved tremendous results which attracted attention at home and abroad.  After lunch, transfer to the airport

Customized Changsha Tours

Customized Changsha Tours

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