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China Hotel Booking Process

Book China Hotel online with China Connection Tours and we will guarantee you the best saving and service for your money. Please preview our hotel selection and contact us if you have any request of booking discount China hotels.

China Connection Tours is a reputable travel agency and tour operator, and specializes in custom China tours and ready-made tour packages throughout China, from the Yangtze to Yunnan, from Tibet to Beijing.  When you book a China tour online with CCT, you will receive personal service from our customized China tour expert.  We can accommodate any request and can arrange for tour package for a single person to a large group.  We want to work with you to create the best experience for you in China!

For China Hotel Booking:

China Hotel Booking Process 1 Find your destination: Select your destination from our search forms that allow you to specify your criteria;
China Hotel Booking Process 2 Choose your dates: fill in your dates for staying at each hotel.
China Hotel Booking Process 3 Pick your hotel: Select your preferred hotel from our search results. Please go through the result of your search and read the information on the hotel description page about the conditions of stay, payment and cancellation;
China Hotel Booking Process 4 Make reservation: Select the room and click the reservation button. Complete the reservation form with your detailed information and submit to our well trained staff. They will handle your booking immediately.
China Hotel Booking Process 5 The hotel reservation confirmation will be sent to you. Please check the booking details and confirm your acceptance. Payment is required within 3-5 days after receiving the hotel confirmation. We accept major credit card payments (by a faxed authorization letter), wire transfer, West Union check or cash payment. Please read our terms and conditions for further payment information and cancellation policy.
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