Guangzhou Hotel

A fine example of Guangzhou culture in Beijing, the four-star Beijing Guangzhou Hotel was opened in late 1999. In addition to the great architecture design, the hotel aims to demonstrate the flavor and the splendid food culture of GuangDong Province. Guests who choose to stay can better understand the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou by dining in its restaurants.

Guangzhou Asia International Hotel - Guangzhou Hotels, China Hotels

Standing at a total height of 180 meters, Guangzhou Asia International Hotel is part of the complex comprising a hotel, 14 floors of grade-A offices, and apartments. The revolving restaurant on the top puts on a good breakfast and as always in China staffs there really know how to make good omelets. The staffs are excellent and most...... More Guangzhou Asia International Hotel Information

Location:35kms away from New Baiyun Airport, 4kms away from Guangzhou Train Station.

Hotel Standard:Guangzhou Asia International Hotel

Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel - Guangzhou Hotels, China Hotels

One of the earliest 5-star hotels in Guangzhou, the Dong Fang Hotel is well known for its beautiful garden scenery and Chinese architect style. A 10,000 square meter central garden give guest options to walk around during day and night. The hotel features a multi-function international convention center. There are also over 40 banque...... More Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel Information

Location:1 km form the railway station and 40 kilometers from the airport.

Hotel Standard:Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel

Guangzhou Garden Hotel - Guangzhou Hotels, China Hotels

The 30-story Y-shaped Guangzhou Garden Hotel is a Chinese five-star colossus with every imaginable facility, and easily the grandest lobby in Guangzhou (reputedly the largest in Asia). Its level of service is among Guangzhou's best. Its twin Y-shaped towers include the 21-storey Garden Tower, with 800 offices and serviced apartments,...... More Guangzhou Garden Hotel Information

Location:1 km form the railway station and 40 kilometers from the airport.

Hotel Standard:Guangzhou Garden Hotel

Guangzhou International Hotel - Guangzhou Hotels, China Hotels

Modern High-rise Hotel situated in commercial & financial district, within walking distance of shopping area, this 15-year-old towering hotel is somewhat of an institution in Guangzhou, but it somehow has a tired feel, as if the leap from state to private ownership hasn't been made in full. The hotel does have extensive recreation fa...... More Guangzhou International Hotel Information

Location:45 minutes from New Bai Yun International Airport and 25 minutes from the Express Railway Station.

Hotel Standard:Guangzhou International Hotel

Guangzhou Marriott China Hotel - Guangzhou Hotels, China Hotels

Impressive 19-story Hotel exuding a grand "city within a city" effect, Guangzhou Marriott China Hotel plays a pivotal role in the business life of this vibrant community and locates opposite the China Trade Exhibition Centre, where Canton Fair is held every year. More Guangzhou Marriott China Hotel Information

Location:35 minutes drive from Baiyun International Airport.

Hotel Standard:Guangzhou Marriott China Hotel

Guangzhou White Swan Hotel - Guangzhou Hotels, China Hotels

Since opening on February 6, 1983, the Guangzhou White Swan Hotel is an elegant 28-story hotel with multilevel garden and the most known for its elegant design and high quality service. Its lobby is featured tropical waterfall. The hotel used to be used to receive visiting foreign country heads and government officials and was regard...... More Guangzhou White Swan Hotel Information

Location: CECF Complex (Liuhua Lu): 8 km; New CECF Complex (Pazhou): 20 km.

Hotel Standard:Guangzhou White Swan Hotel

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