Nanjing Hotel

A fine example of Guangzhou culture in Beijing, the four-star Beijing Guangzhou Hotel was opened in late 1999. In addition to the great architecture design, the hotel aims to demonstrate the flavor and the splendid food culture of GuangDong Province. Guests who choose to stay can better understand the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou by dining in its restaurants.

Nanjing Xuanwu Hotel - Nanjing Hotels, China Hotels

Besides the scenic Xuanwu Lake, the Nanjing Xuanwu Hotel is a 5-star international hotel. The hotel has 14 restaurants providing different cuisines from Sichuan, Canton to Huaiyang, catering to every discerning palate. More Nanjing Xuanwu Hotel Information

Location:The hotel located downtown, it is situated besides the scenic Xuanwu Lake.

Hotel Standard:Nanjing Xuanwu Hotel

Nanjing Tianfeng Hotel - Nanjing Hotels, China Hotels

The Tianfeng Hotel is a four stars hotel located in the city center and offers full services to people with different needs and budgets. More Nanjing Tianfeng Hotel Information

Location: Tianfeng Hotel Nanjing is situated in the city center, just 6 kilometres from the railway station.

Hotel Standard:Nanjing Tianfeng Hotel

Nanjing Ramada Plaza Hotel - Nanjing Hotels, China Hotels

Unique international 4-star hotel in the city, Nanjing Ramada Plaza Hotel offers comfortable and satisfying accommodations. Its dining services, recreational facilities and full-service business center make people’s stay a true joy and memorable experience. More Nanjing Ramada Plaza Hotel Information

Location:Distance from Centre of city 2 Km, from the airport 40 Km, from the railway station 5 Km

Hotel Standard:Nanjing Ramada Plaza Hotel

Nanjing Phoenix Palace Hotel - Nanjing Hotels, China Hotels

The Phoenix Palace Hotel is a modern 4-star hotel located in the city Nanjing with a quiet and beautiful scenic location. More Nanjing Phoenix Palace Hotel Information

Location: From Nanjing Lukou International Airport to Phoenix Palace Hotel The distance: 40 km

Hotel Standard:Nanjing Phoenix Palace Hotel

Nanjing Paradise Hotel - Nanjing Hotels, China Hotels

Nanjing Paradise Hotel is a four-star hotel in the business and financial center of Xinjiekou in Nanjing. More Nanjing Paradise Hotel Information

Location: It is about 11km to the airport and 10km to the airport.

Hotel Standard:Nanjing Paradise Hotel

Nanjing New Century Hotel - Nanjing Hotels, China Hotels

The Nanjing New Century Hotel is a 4-star hotel. The hotel's restaurant serves delicious cuisine from all across China and Europe and affords panoramic views of Xuanwu Lake. More Nanjing New Century Hotel Information

Location:the New Century Hotel is adjacent to Nanjng Railway Station and International Exhibition Center.

Hotel Standard:Nanjing New Century Hotel

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