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Asian Dragon Bay is the best beach resort in Sanya, Sanya attraction image

Asian Dragon Bay is the best beach resort in Sanya, often referred as the Oriental Hawaii. The beach locates roughly the same latitude as Hawaii and enjoys similar temperatures and weather conditions. The water here is clear, reflecting the blue sky and white sand beneath the depths. Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular pursuits here given the clear water, bright-colored coral reefs and tropical fish that abound and this is arguably the nicest place to swim on the entire island. This is a new resort and development is underway in a very tasteful manner. This is a protected marine reserve and commercial fishing is forbidden here, keeping the water very clean and lovely for swimming.

Facilities are also good here. This great beach is adjacent to shops, restaurants and a museum with a pretty collection of sea shells. There is also a charming outdoor butterfly garden here with a mountain hiking trail and some great walks. Hot springs, numerous golf courses and submarine cruises are also offered.

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