Badaling Great Wall Picture

Badaling Great Wall is the eximious representation of The Great Wall, Beijing attraction image

Badaling Great Wall is the eximious representation of The Great Wall.

On the peak of the Badaling, the Great Wall is towering. It goes up to the South peak and north peak from the Guan city, convolves on the ridge of Jundu mountain and Qian mountain, You can not see its beginning and end, It disappears beyond.

The Badaling Great Wall locates the northwest of the Beijing; its position is longitude 116 degrees 65 cents east and latitude 40 degrees 25 cents north, it's a pass of Jundu Mountain. It extends in all directions which is the reason it be called Badaling.

The Badaling Great Wall resound in the whole world, it is the first part which open to tourist of the Great Wall. It has welcome tourists more than 130000000.

The Badaling Great Wall is the soul of the whole Great Wall; it is welcoming the tourist come from the whole world. The man who has visited The Great Wall is all acclaimed as the peak of perfection.

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