Baidi City Picture

Baidi is located at the gateway of the Three Gorges, at the entrance of Qutang Gorge, Yangzte River attraction image

Baidi is located at the gateway of the Three Gorges, at the entrance of Qutang Gorge. It is actually is a mini city scattered with temples and gates on top of Baidi Hill. During the Three Kingdoms Period, Liu Bei, the king of Shu, retreated from a disastrous war against general Lu Xun of Wu Kingdom, and died here in distress. On his deathbed, Liu entrusted state affairs and his son, Liu Chan, to Prime Minister Zhuge Liang. The front hall contains large modern statues which depict the scene in the story. To the left is the handsome, winged Observing Stars Pavilion where Zhuge Liang observed the stars and made accurate weather forecasts which helped him plan his victorious battles. With upturned eaves and polished beams, the temple has 12 pillars on the ground floor and 6 on the upper floor.

Baidi city is also known as City of Poems. In ancient times, attracted by its fame, many scholars and poets visited here and left lots of literal relics. In the city, there are over 70 poems, carvings, and cultural relics of the Sui, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, in which two steles from Sui, Qing Emperor Kangxi, Bamboo-Leaf Stele and Phoenix Stele are the most outstanding.

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