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Bamboo Temple, located in Yu'an Mountains in the Northwest of Kunming, is arguably the most famous of Kunming's temples, Kunming attraction image

Bamboo Temple is located in Yu'an Mountains in the Northwest of Kunming. It is a much-restored Tang Dynasty temple known for its Arhat statues, is arguably the most famous of Kunming's temples.

Bamboo Temple was the first temple built after Zen Buddhism was introduced to Yunnan early in 1279 when a Buddhist Master gave a Buddhist sutra to Khubalai Khan (the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty). Bamboo Temple was burnt down in 1419 in the Ming Dynasty. Later, the temple was rebuilt and renovated between 1833 and 1850. All of the architecture featured in the Bamboo Temple was built using only resources of the surrounding hills. The temple consists of five ports, including Tianwang (Heaven King) Temple, Fanyin Pavilion (with 216 arhats images), Tiantailai Pavilion (with 216 arhats images), Daxiong Temple (with 68 arhats) and Huayan Pavilion (rebuilt in October, 1989).

Around the temple are mountains covered with trees everywhere, and at the gate of the temple stand many very tall cypress trees which were planted during the Ming Dynasty, more than 400 years ago.

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