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Beijing Zoo, known as its lovely giant panda, Beijing attraction picture

Beijing Zoo, known as its lovely giant pandas, was initially named Ten Thousand Animal Garden. It is located in Xicheng District of Beijing City, facing Beijing Astronomical Observatory. The Zoo was originally the imperial manor in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). Plants were cultivated and animals were raised here during the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911). After the liberation, it was reconstructed and was known as the West Suburb Park. And in 1955, the name was changed to Beijing Zoo. It has a long and productive history with giant pandas. It was the first to breed giant pandas successfully. The first baby, Ming Ming, was born to female Li Li and male Pi Pi on September 9, 1963. In 1978, the Beijing Zoo was also the first to have birth result from artificial insemination. At present, the zoo houses over 7,000 creatures of 600 different species, including the giant panda, red-crowned crane and Pere David's deer-all unique to China-as well as the African giraffe, rhinoceros, chimpanzee and antelope; White Bear from the North Pole; Kangaroo from Australia; American continent; wild ox from Europe; and elephant and gibbon from India.

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