Limestone in Cockscomb Cave Picture

The Jiguan dissolved cavern is highly valuable in archaeology study

At the bottom of the peak, there hides a natural dissolved cavern which is deep and serene. Since the peak named after its form is called Mount Jiguan (Mount Cockscomb), the cave got its name as the Jiguanshan (Cockscomb Mountain) dissolved cavern.

As a natural lime dissolved cavern, it has a typical karst landform in geomorphology. Many sights here were formed sixty to seventy thousand years ago. Made up of 8 coterminous scenic spots, the cave is 1,800 meters long with a tourist area of 23,000 square meters. With circuitous paths leading to quiet plots among dense or sparse stalactite forests, the cave is an underground world of splendid statues sculpted by Nature. From lifelike lying Buddha, flying birds and walking beasts to vivid forests of bamboo shoots and curtains, this museum of stalactites is exhibiting remarkable objects challenging the limit of your imagination. The harp-like stone curtains struck slightly by stone pieces will ring crisply, echoing along the long cave. The clear singing cave river winding through the underground cave adds much vitality to the quiet cave.

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