Grottoes on Xumi Mountain Picture

Grottoes on Xumi Mountain

The Grottoes on Xumi Mountain are located at the east slope of Xumi Mountain, 55km north-west of Guyuan County. The name of the Xumi Mountain is translated from Sanskrit, which means a treasure mountain. Judged by the form of grottoes and the style of sculptures, they were initially built in the late Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534) and completed with the effort in Sui and Tang Dynasties (581-907). In the grottoes on the Xumi Mountain, there remain many inscriptions left from the Tang, Song, Western Xia, Jin and Ming Dynasties (618-1644) and some steles from the Ming Dynasty, which are important first-hand materials for studying the spread of Buddhism during the Tang, Song, Jin, Western Xia, and Ming dynasties.

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