Huangpu River Picture

A boat ride on the Huangpu is highly recommended

The Huangpu River is a 97km long river in China flowing through Shanghai. It is an average of 400 meters wide and 9 meters deep. Shanghai gets most of its drinking water from Huangpu, which thus plays an important part for the metropolis. It divides the city into two regions: Pudong (east) and Puxi (west). The river is yellow in color and ice-free all the year round.

The cruise boat meanders eastward along the golden waterway to the intriguing "three-layer waters" at the Wusong Mouth, confluence of the three and half hours over a distance of 60 kilometers, with beautiful view emerging one after another.

A boat ride on the Huangpu is highly recommended: Not only does it provide unrivalled postcard views of Shanghai past and future, it'll afford you a closer look at this dynamic waterway that makes Shanghai flow.

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