Thousand Buddha Hall Picture

Thousand Buddha Hall has 40 Song dynasty clay statues

Lingyan Temple is one of the major historical and cultural sites under state protection. Inside the temple, there are magnificent ancient buildings and profuse historical relics. Constructed against the mountain, the temple consists in 36 halls and 18 pavilions. Main cultural and historical spots include Thousand Buddha Hall with 40 Song dynasty clay statues, Pizhi Tower, Tomb Tower Forest, Huichong Tower, Jicui Zhengming Hall, Daxiong Hall, Imperial Library, carved stones and tablets through the ages.

Around the Temple are grotesque and graceful hills which constitute secluded scenery with elegant springs and stones. Tourists may find resorts everywhere in this area, such as Lingyan best spot, Ten Miles Pine, Winding Sandalwood, Dropping Cliff, Lingpi Peak, White Cloud Cave, One Line of Sky, Langgong Stone, Kegong Bed, etc. In the Temple area, there are more than ten springs such as Sweet Spring, Zhuoxi Spring, White Crane Spring, Couple Crane Spring, Kasaya Spring, etc.

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