Luhuitou Statue Picture

Luhuitou Statue

5 kilometers to the south of Sanya City, there is a special hill looks like a deer looking back. It's Luhuitou Hill (also Deer Looking Back Hill) with the elevation of more than 270 meters.

There is a pretty story on the coming of the hill. Long long ago, there was a young hunter. One day, he came across a beautiful deer which was enjoying the grass. He kept running with the deer in order to catch it. The deer was chased to this hill after running for nearly 9 days, and here is no way for the deer to escape. However, the deer turned back and stared at the hunter for mercy and the hunter was touched by the straight light in deer's eyes and put down the bow finally. At that moment, the deer turned into a beautiful lady. They got married and lived a peaceful life here; the village was formed by their following generations. Nearly every Li people know this sweet story.