Mural Hill Picture

Mural Hill's full name is Nine Horse Mural Hill

Mural Hill is located 61 kilometers from Guilin city. Its full name is "Nine Horse Mural Hill" because of the side of the hill is speckled with orange, yellow and green colors, multicolored and harmonious, like a painting of nine horses. There is a beautiful legend about the horse images. Once upon a time, a herdsman from the Heaven brought his horses to Lijiang River. An artist happened to see those horses and wanted to draw a picture of them. Unfortunately, the horses were so scared of him that they ran into the cliff and never came out again. People say that it is hard to point out the exact image for each horse because the horses were from Heaven. It is rumored that the colors present nine horses and anyone who can recognize all nine horses would be the Number One Scholar. Legendary stories are given to hill rocks and peaks and it is a delightful experience to appreciate the stunning landscape while listening to tour guide's interpretation of the stories behind it.

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