Peacock Dance Picture

Peacock Dance is the best loved dance of the Dai Nationality

Peacock Dance is the best loved dance of the Dai Nationality. The Dai people believe that the peacock is a symbol of happiness and auspiciousness, and thereby is a common role in numerous folk legends. Peacock dance is the favorite dance of the Dai people and even in every folk-custom festival people can see the dance performed there. Generally it starts by presenting the scene of a peacock's looking around and dancing trippingly on the lawn, then continues by drinking water and looking for food, and finally, ends by bathing in the fountain, shaking off water drops on its body, spreading out its gorgeous feather and extending wings in flight. In the dance, the dancer is featured by ductile and undulate knees, swift and agile motion of lower legs, and flexible eye expressions. Through arms, wrists and fingers, a range of motions of a peacock are imitated in virtue of plentiful hand postures.

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