Picture of Stupa in Zhongdian Bita Lake

Many Tibetan stupas can been seen around the Bita Lake in Zhongdian, Zhongdian attraction image

There is an island in the lake and some boats can ferry tourists there, and on the island grow dense spruce, abies-fabri and azalea woods. All of the green grass, zigzags, singing birds and fragrant flowers make you feel that you are in a fairy world. Right around the lake there is a dense azalea forest, whose flowers are often in full bloom. In the fifth month of the Chinese lunar year tourists can see a peculiar sight-the fallen azalea flowers afloat on the water, while the fish amuse themselves in the shallow water of the lake, swallowing the fallen azalea flowers. The fallen flowers are little poisonous, and will cause them to appear "drunk" as they float on the surface of the lake, so it is called "azalea making fish drunkā€. In the Bita Lake there are various kinds of fish, one of which is called "double-lipped fish", a sort of ancient creature of the Quaternary Ice Age. This kind of fish is tender and delicious.

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