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The Yunnan Provincial Museum is a regional museum containing around 50,000 objects in its collections

The Yunnan Provincial Museum is a regional museum in Kunming containing around 50,000 objects in its collections. Among these, historical objects account for around 30,000 items of which there are 7,000 Dian bronzes, revolutionary items (7,200), ethnic minorities cultural objects (7,000), handicrafts (4,000). In addition there shows a replica of the Chinese imperial gold seal given to the Dian King in the 2nd century. The Museum represents the local minority people in particular, and features arts from the Dali Kingdom as well as other periods of Yunnan history. Many of the objects in this exhibition have important scientific and artistic value, and provide material evidence of mankind's social development. The collections are mainly two categories: Stone Tools and Bronzes. Discoveries from the Yuanmou site in Yunnan are displayed in this exhibition. From the Warring States to the Western Han period, the various peoples of Yunnan were creating a distinctive bronze culture. Bronzes excavated at a place called Wanjiapo include the earliest bronze drums to be excavated in China…

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