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2005-03-25 Helen C from USA

General Manager
China Connection Tours

Re: A letter of Commendation and Recommendation

Dear Michael,

A short week ago, we returned from a fabulous tour of China with your extraordinary tour company. All 36 participants agree wholeheartedly that we have just completed the travel experience of a lifetime! Words can never describe all the wonderful things we did and experienced. All of the above was a direct result of your extremely hard work and that of your staff in and out of the office.

Originally when we first booked with your company, I had misgivings about booking with an internet advertised travel company. However the personal recommendation of Brian in San Francisco put our minds at ease and we were thrilled to discover that CCT was everything that was promised and even more! Everyone agreed that we also received the very best value and more for our money!

Michael, your understanding of human nature and our initial fears helped to create a tour that was beyond outstanding.

Where else can one get a tour that had a completely customized itinerary for 36 participants? The fact that CCT was able to accommodate an age range from 2 years old to 84 years old is remarkable.

The personal needs of all of us were met in remarkable ways. The simple suggestion that our tour might want to upgrade the food allowance made all the difference in the world. We had wonderful bountiful American/Chinese breakfasts every morning and excellent luncheons and dinners with cuisine representative of the area we were visiting. What more could anyone wish for?

Our accommodations were true four and five star hotels. We enjoyed it all. We will never forget how hospitable the staff was and how we were given the best service.

Additional points which I would like to make is that every situation was handled by you, your staff, your local guides and your drivers with great professionalism, fine service, extreme kindness and understanding.

Another feature which I would like to point out is that everyone was so accommodating. Several times during the trip when people felt the need to take a rest from the sightseeing, they were able to do so.

Our itinerary was able to be modified on the tour itself to suit the needs of the participants.

How can one express the total joy we felt as we traveled through China ? The fact that you were able to bring us as an entire group back to our home Toishan Province was amazing! We have been to places, grandiose, ancient and startling modern which set us on our heels in awe. The beauty of our travel experiences was made possible through you and China Connection Tours.

Quite frankly, I have fallen in love with China and China Connection Tours. We may never experience another trip as memorable but we sure are going to try again and we will only book with China Connection Tours!

Thank you a million times for the most memorable and exciting tour experience of a life time! We loved it all. You will never be forgotten.

Yours truly,

Helen C.

Itinerary:18-day China tour of Beijing / Xian / Luoyang / Zhengzhou / Kaifeng / Nanjing / Wuxi / Suzhou / Hangzhou / Huangshan / Shanghai / Guilin / Guangzhou / Hong Kong

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