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2007-01-16 A. L. from USA


J, the tour leader called today. She said the trip was excellent. Everybody liked the trip. She said you did a good job to handle with those people.

They are very demanding. Very hard to deal with. But they all like you. She never thought that area is so beautiful. That is the best trip she ever had. She said everybody loved this trip. She took them to some countries before. They always complain. But this time they are all satisfied. And all love the trip. They all want to send people there. She said it is a lot better than she expected.

She has some deluxe people who are interested to go. She wants you to be their guide. I told her we have to check with you if you are available when they are going.

Thank you very much for al l your efforts and help.

Please see the email from A. for the extension.


Hi L.

We enjoyed very much the Extension,it was totally different and enlightening. The place is stunning, so beautiful and the people are friendly and colorful, I am waiting to develop my photos, and send you 3 detailed reports. National guide Michael was excellent.

A. L.

Itinerary:8 days Kunming / Dali / Lijiang

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