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2007-01-16 P.K. from USA

Dear Michael,

I can hardly think of the right words to thank you for an absolutely wonderful and truly memorable vacation. I’ll be sorting out my photos, souvenirs and memorabilia for many months to come—and each time I come across a tiny piece of paper or a receipt, I remember a wonderful place we went, some warm & friendly persons we met or something fascinating that we saw At this time, I’m still feeling quite overwhelmed by the entire experience. Now I have the time to assimilate all of the information I collected. I’m finally feeing a chance to read some of the books l bought and the brochures l collected. I won‘t make this email too long – instead, I’ll write again. I want to send you some of the photos I took, and there are some other “loose ends” I’d like to tidy up from the trip. (Dean promised to translate the handmade book l bought – but, things became far too rushed at the end.)

So for now, I want to clear up the matter of the money I owe you Please send me your Washington Mutual account number and the name on the account I can make a deposit as soon as I get a reply from you I’ll e-mail afterwards to let you know it's been done.

Again, thank you for everything. I feel that I now have a friend in China – I hope you don’t mind if I remember you that way.

With warmest greetings from Los Angeles,
P. K.

P. S. Sorry it took so long to e-mail you. I had less trouble finding an e-mail link in the furthest reaches of the Tibetan plateau than I did in busy, bustling Hong Kong! I wasn’t staying in 5-Star hotels, so the business centers were off-limits to me, and there were no wireless networks in the hotel lobbies (1ike the ones I found in Yunnan.)

Itinerary: 8 days Kunming / Dali / Lijiang

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