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2008-09-11 Uzma M. and Tom D. O. from United Kindom

Hi Jason

We had a great time in Shanghai, and indeed throughout our china trip.

Thanks again for being so responsive to our short notice demands. We really appreciated you organising our train so quickly and efficiently. The train journey was actually one of our highlights. We don't have sleeper trains in the UK, and when we return to china we are keen on travelling longer distances by train. I think it is a great way of seeing a country as vast as china, something you can't do when you fly.

We really enjoyed the natural beauty of the places we visited. We are outdoor people who enjoy nature and a little adventure. The hike through the tiger leaping gorge was another highlight. Getting away from the touristy areas was great. We got to see local people in their natural environment, working, eating and going about their everyday business. They were so friendly and helpful. The Naxi guest house at the top of the mountain was fab. It was simple, clean, with good, honest food. We liked this far more than the 5 star hotels as it had more characters and a really personal touch with the guest house owner and workers.

The guides and drivers were great people. Very knowledgeable and courteous. It was a pleasure meeting them. Please pass on our thanks to them again.

The only negative I have is the concept of guiding. We have always been very independent travellers. This was the first guided tour either of us had been on. I need to stress not every European is like us, and many would enjoy the guided part. For future trips, our ideal is to have help with travel arrangements and accommodations. A guide for maybe an afternoon or for a morning is nice, to obtain a little background on culture and region. However we like the freedom of seeing sites at our own pace.

Jason I would be very happy to recommend you and your company to any of my friends and colleagues. We will definitely return to your great country, and we will get back in touch with you to help organise that trip for us. I am happy to pass on a reference to any UK (or German....Tom is German), customer.

I have attached some photos of some of the places we visited.

Kindest Regards

Uzma and Tom

Itinerary:9-Day Private Beijing-Lijiang-Shanghai-Huangshan-Shanghai Tour

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