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2008-12-01 Tereza from Sudan

Dear Ms.Vivien,
Long time, no talk! How are you? I hope you are well. I wanted to thank you long before this for the wonderful trip that you have organized for us that we really cherish and that will be memorable as one of the best periods in our lives. Here everyone in Sudan is talking about the group who went to China in the Olympics and surely when they want to travel I will make them contact you first. I have attached some of the china pictures in this e-mail to show you how much we were enjoying as well as for you to see us since we did not meet. Also please if you can forward them to our guide "Robert" in Beijing, I will be thankful as I lost his e-mail. Surely, he was the best, friendliest, most caring and understanding guide. Also if you organized any other interesting packages to other cities in China that we did not see before, please send them to my e-mail as i may think to come again with my family as they travel a lot to china. Thank you, and hope to hear from you, sincerely, Tereza.

Itinerary:8-Day Beijing-Qingdao-Shanghai tour

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