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2008-04-10 John E from USA

Hi Michelle,

Here is an update on my conversation with Stephanie Weber from last Friday.
She made the following comments:

The trip was fantastic. The pacing was terrific--we were always busy all day but it never felt chaotic or rushed--just a wonderful flow. Several students told me it was the most well organized trip they had ever been on. Cliff and Lin were outstanding--they were so knowledgeable about everything, they gave context throughout the experience, and they were always talking with the students and answering endless questions. Having them in addition to the local guides really made the trip exceptional and unique. The girls loved the school visit. They loved the overnight train ride. The film was difficult for some to watch, but very powerful and made them think.

The acrobats performance was fantastic. The Opera was great and just the right amount as it was a condensed version of two longer pieces. The food was delicious. Our local guides were excellent. The Tai Chi lesson was great and funny because the girls got to experience being photographed by curious onlookers.
Mosque in Xian was incredible, along with the Muslim meal afterwards, especially for our Muslim student but also for all of us to see this side of the culture. Thanks so much for including that suggestion in the itinerary. The Terra Cotta warriors were of course mindblowing.

In all honesty, we have never had such relentless praise for a school program and, try as I did, I could not get her to come up with a single criticism or suggestion for changing things, other than possible homestays and more public transport experiences next time.

So, once again, thanks to all for making this such a wonderful experience!



Itinerary:11-day Beijing / Xian / Shanghai

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