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2008-03-18 Claire from New Zealand

Hi, Vivien

We are good, At the moment we are in Guangzhou, tomorrow we will fly to Bangkok.

Overall we really enjoyed our trip.
We loved Xian. The guide there was brilliant and she answered all our questions easily and let us wander off and look at things that interested us. She would even tell us about them. We found out a lot more about the sites than we had in Beijing.

The Yangtze Cruise was great, we really enjoyed it.

The guide in Yichang was really good although we only had her for the trip to the airport. We were a bit frustrated at having to wait around the airport all afternoon though. People we met on the boat doing similar tours to us, were taken to visit some places in Yichang. This filled in their afternoon. We wished we could have done that.

We had a great time in Shanghai. The guide was really helpful and her English was fantastic. We were able to joke with her a little and we had fun. When we went to the Yu gardens it would have been nice to include tea from the famous tea shop there. We went back on our free day because someone recommended it to us and it was great.

Anyway, I hope these things help you and your company create better tours in the future. As I said, overall we enjoyed our trip especially after Beijing.


Itinerary:12-day Beijing / Xian / Yangtze River Cruise / Shanghai

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