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2008-01-08 Delia Yuen from USA

Dear Michael:

Happy New Year.

I apologize for the delay in reply. We stayed in Hong Kong for another week after we left Kunming. We have been really busy ever since we returned to the US. Christmas is a big holiday for us and I need to shop for presents. Then my sister from Canada came to visit. Anyhow, we are back to normal schedule now.

I would like to thank you again for arranging our China Trip. I was surprised that you called and followed up with us during the time we were in both cities. Both tour guides are professional and knowledgeable. I will give you the following feedback for your future reference.


Our tour guide's name is Vicky. She is very personable and sincere. She came by, picked us up and dropped us off even though when it is really early or very late. She is happy to do so and make sure we checked into our hotel without any problem. We can feel the extra effort Vicki puts in. We would highly recommend Vicki to others.

The flight from Kunming to Lijiang is a 7:00 am flight. Since it is so early, we did not have a chance to eat breakfast in our hotel. It would be better to arrange a breakfast when we arrive at Lijiang. Instead, we paid and ate cup noodle in the Jade Dragon Mountain coffee shop (in the cold).

The visit to "The colors of Yunan" several buildings where they showcase their local products were interesting. No high pressure sales and it is good to understand and see what Yunan has to offer.

The transportation is a mini-bus. Condition is OK


Our tour guide's name is Maggie. She is OK but does not come across as very sincere.

As for the itinerary, we enjoyed Lijiang very much. The Jade Dragon mountain was beautiful. Maggie mentioned there is a show at 1:30 in the afternoon. Fortunately, we happened to come down the mountain to catch the show. My husband thought this show should be a must because it turned out to be the highlight of that day. It would be best if the schedule is prearranged to include this show.

Also, the drive to Tiger Leaping Gouge is too long and we are not sure whether it is worth the time. Others may prefer to use that one day to see something closer.

The transportation is a private car, very new and in excellent condition. The driver is very careful too.

As a whole, everything went smoothly and we really enjoyed this trip. We would recommend this location and your service to our friends.

Wish you lot of success in 2008.


Itinerary:7-day HK / Kuming / Lijiang / Kunming / HK

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