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2009-05-23 Bill L.u from USA

2009-5-23 Bill L. from USA.

Greetings to All:

Sorry for being so late in sending this feedback.

We were thoroughly satisfied with the Zhong-Yuan trip ( We very much liked the fun and cultural appreciations we experienced in the trip. We couldn't ask for a better group of traveling companions to share the fun and experience with. Many thanks to Nancy Wu and Mimi for their diligent efforts in making the trip possible. We also like to echo Nancy Wu's feedback and express our appreciations to CCT. We specifically like to thank Jason for his meticulous planning and attentions to trip details, to Corona for taking such good care of us during the entire trip, and to Our local guides (Linda Liu in Henan and Xiao Jing in Shaanxi) for their presentations and knowledge. We were especially in awe of the depth of knowledge of Ms. Xiao Jing. All of you have made the Zhong-Yuan trip so enjoyable and memorable. Thank to you all again.

Take care and hope to see you soon.

Best Regards,

Bill Lu

Itinerary: 11-day Zhongyuan Tour Beijing/Zhengzhou/Kaifeng/Dengfeng/Luoyang/Huashan/Xian/Fufeng

Itinerary:11-day Zhongyuan Tour Beijing/Zhengzhou/Kaifeng/Dengfeng/Luoyang/Huashan/Xian/Fufeng

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