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2009-05-11 Nancy W. M. from USA

For more than half-a-year, we have worked on this project jointly. I am proud and unabashed to say that we all did a good job! At times, I realized in accommodating a couple of our special members with their busy agenda was not easy. Your patience and persistence certainly made the difference in resolving the complications. Thank you so much for your diligence and proficiency throughout the planning phase. In execution, the team effort of CCT is certainly the key to the good time we all had.

As a child, never in my wildest dreams, I would imagine the day I could trace the footsteps of our ancestors and be immersed in their glorious accomplishments. Although it was only a short period of ten days, the experience will stay with me forever.

In 2000, the trip to JiouZhaiGou opened my eyes of the immense natural beauty of China. This time, the Zhong Yuan tour has further affirmed in my mind the glorious civilization as well as the colorful history of our Motherland. I know now that ten days is too short, which only provides a quick glimpse of the riches in the Zhong Yuan region. In order to get a better understanding of the Chinese culture and history, certainly more trips are called for in the future.

I also want to point out that the generous action of Corona Wu has not escaped my notice. Along the way, not only Corona attended to the various needs for individuals as well as the details caring for the group as a whole, but also her impromptu decision to step-down as our National Guide in Shaanxi is very much appreciated. The relinquishment of her Local Guide-ship made it possible for the experted Xiao Jing to fill in as our Local Guide. If it is not "Service with a Heart", I do not know what it is.

Both Linda Liu and Xiao Jing are excellent in their role as the Local Guide. The knowledge base of Xiao Jing is awesome. Her lecture on the Chinese calligraphy at the Forest of Steles was especially impressive. I can't imagine anyone else could hold our attention for the duration and wished for some more. As the 6PM closing time came, I was almost sorry to leave.

To complete the feedback, the buses and the drivers are both professional, who did their job quietly and expertly. Aurum International Hotel in Xian wins my vote in the lodging department; Shishang Pinge Sifangcai Guan provides the most delicately prepared cuisine in an elegant setting. (Three cheers for Bill Lu for his new discovery!)

Best wishes,
Nancy Wu

Itinerary:11-day Zhongyuan Tour Beijing/Zhengzhou/Kaifeng/Dengfeng/Luoyang/Huashan/Xian/Fufeng

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