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2009-01-06 Mario O. from Mexico

Dear Sunny,

I hope that you and everybody at CCT are doing well. I'm writing to thank you for everything that you and the guides did for me during my time in China. Your attention to detail made my trip such a pleasant experience. My parents, both of them being such picky travelers, were really satisfied and are extremely happy with the outcome. My dad wanted to thank all the guides for being so accommodating with all his requests about the food. My mom wanted to say thanks to all the guides for looking after her every time that she was running behind! I think all the guides received a big hug and a kiss from her.

Sunny, I want to thank you for absolutely everything you did for me since the first day that I contacted you. I really enjoyed walking around China together with each of the guides. Each of them added to my trip a real taste of the Chinese culture, and the knowledge they brought was second to none. The drivers were also really gentle and kind.

Sunny, please share this email with my tour guides.

-Reeves- buddy, I want to thank you for everything, and we'll miss you. I hope you enjoyed meeting your girlfriend's family for the first time during the Christmas break. I bet that was a whole new tour for you!

-April- Thank you for not letting me get in trouble by going to the bars by myself, you saved my life! I wish you luck moving into your new house.

-Huang- my mom is still missing your kindness. Thanks for taking care of us, as if we were your own guests. All my friends love the picture that I took of the Elephant's trunk!

-Sunny please write the name of the guide from Shanghai, because I couldn't remember Thank you for showing me one of the most impressive financial metropolis I have ever seen. Shanghai is definitely the home of the best salesmen of the world!

-Daniel- Hey buddy! The Chinese Venice was one of my favorite towns. By the way I tasted the rice alcohol during new years, and I still feel a little dizzy!

Thank you all of you, and I hope to see you again.


Mario O.

Itinerary:17 days Beijing –Xian –Guilin –Shanghai – Suzhou – Hangzhou Tour

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