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2009-10-28 Lee from USA

Hi Sunny,

The trip was OK except for some problems which was quickly settle by your very experience guide.

The night flight had taken a toll from us.. so the first day going to tian an men and the forbidden city was enjoyable but tiring. We would enjoy more if we were not tired.

I should have been told by you earlier that in forbidden city and tian an men need a lot of walking , so at least it can be change to other days where less walking is needed to be our fist day tour since we so tired after taking the 6 hours flight.

Please be informed that this is not a complain as we all enjoyed the trip very much. But since you asked, I thought we help out in your survey to improve what already have been an enjoyable trip.

I still have many places I want to go in China in the future ... Xian, Guilin, Huangshan and Chengdu for the famous Zui Zhai Gou etc... and to tell you the truth.. I have literally fallen "in love" with China.

Will keep you informed if I can get a holiday for my next trip. I have introduce your service to many of my friends over here..
Hope they will contact CCT soon...

Bye and thanks again..


Itinerary:5 days Beijing Tour

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