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2010-04-17 Jim from USA

Hi Sunny,
How are you? We are still trying to get adjusted . Keep waking in the middle of the night still.
Thank you so much for arranging the tour. We had a great time. Unexpectedly we found out that my wife was pregnant the week before leaving for China, so travel was not so easy for her. All the guides were very understanding and accommodating to our situation.

I want to give you my honest feedback.
All the guides greeted us and we had no problems being picked up at any of the airports.

We really enjoyed Guilin, the tour guide Amy was very enthusiastic and had excellent English, the best by far out of all the guides. The hotel in Yangshou was very convenient. Amy checked us into our next flight too. We had a great time there.

Our guide An in Xian was very flexible with us and planned well for us. The hotel in Xian was very nice and had a great location. The car in Xian was not so comfortable though however, the air conditioner didn't work well.
Lunch provided the day of visiting the Terra Cotto Warriors was terrible. The food was bad and the service was much worse even. They forgot about us and we sat there with just small portion of the meal until our guide had finished his meal to come get us. When he saw that they had forgot about us, he quickly tried to correct. While we sat there waiting for our food for the long period of time, I noticed a peculiar way they cleared off the tables which would lead me to believe that the restaurant serves leftover uneaten food. Desert Cookies and fruit was reused without any doubt. So when we finally received the rest of our food, we had no appetite for it. That was the only bad meal, the rest of the time there was fine.
An was thoughtful and checked us into the airport too.

Beijing was great, hotel was good, the guide Susan was very understanding to my wife's situation. Meals were good, car was comfortable.

Overall, we really enjoyed the trip and are very satisfied with the arrangements you made for us. I appreciated your calls during to trip to check in with us.
Thanks again!

Itinerary:14 Days Hong Kong-Guilin-Xian-Beijing

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