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2010-01-08 Bill from Belgium

Dear Sunny,

I just want to thank you for a wonderful trip to China – we enjoyed immensely and will never forget the experience. I felt that I was showing my kids the face of the future. So much history and so much of the present were revealed in 12 quick days.

Throughout, you were indispensible, even for an experienced traveler like me.

Thanks particularly for changing the flight on the final day. We finally made it to Beijing around 10 p.m. and the flight to Brussels was only an hour and a half late. If we had stayed on the initial flight (which was cancelled), we probably never would have made it home.

Let us stay in touch. For my future trips to China, I probably would only need you to make hotel and flight arrangements – the rest I could do by myself. But you certainly were terrific.



Itinerary:11 Days Beijing-Guilin-Shanghai-Suzhou

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