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2011-11-14 Anne from Australia

Dear Lesley

We are still quite tired but also energized after our trip to China.

Again I would like to congratulate and thank you for your excellent organization of our itinerary, linking up the cities we wished to visit, and organizing our transport and accommodation as well as the guided tours of the tourist highlights.

Shirly R

Our local guides were exceptionally kind and courteous and helpful. Tina in Xian had the best English, and Jack in Shanghai-Suzhou-Hangzhou was a delightful young man, and looked after us with great attentiveness.

Our drivers were all very good, competent drivers - we felt quite safe with them even in crazy traffic. They were also very helpful with our luggage and with helping us out of the bus when we stopped. They also assisted the guide in planning the best route on occasions.

Lunches arranged with our two female guides, Kelly and Tina, were excellent.

China seems to be 'flavor of the month' in Victoria, if not in Australia as a whole. Our state premier visited China in September, and so did another senior politician in our state who is a friend of mine. I hope to organize a forum on 'Impressions of China' for some of my contacts and friends.

Our friends in ZhengZhou where we stayed for our first two days were unbelievably kind and hospitable, and showed us admirable features of Chinese people.

Finally, we had our anticipated ride on the Maglev train. It was most impressive, and all too short. I noted the times at which it reached 100, 200, 300, 400 km per hour, and how it hovered around its maximum 430-431 km/hr for about 20 seconds; by then it had to slow down again to stop at the airport.

We are not aware of any of our friends who are currently planning to visit China, but we will certainly recommend your organization if we are asked.

Best regards

Itinerary:Luoyang, Xian, Shanghai,Suzhou, Hangzhou

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