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2011-12-12 Gisela M. from USA

Hi John,

sorry that I am so late to respond to your e:mail with pictures. I do not have the ability to check my "Comcast" e’mail when I am on the road and I just returned on Sunday from Ulaanbaatar.

What a wonderful 6 weeks I have spent in Asia and enjoyed everything so much. The tour in Beijing was picture perfect and Iris was a great tour director with the driver. Dana's mother will be coming to Mongolia this summer and she wants to see Beijing so you will hear from Dana soon.

The trip on the Trans-Siberian train was very good and interesting. However the cabin was extremely cold and we were happy that we had sleeping bags with us to make us more comfortable.

I had a wonderful time in Mongolia and saw so many different things. Especially out in the country there is so much to see and such beauty. I even was able to ride a camel which was a Christmas gift from Dasan for me. We all rode the camel while we stayed at a gear camp. I am already thinking of making a return trip maybe in Fall were I can see the warmer side of Mongolia. I am glad though that I went in the Winter since I do not care much for the tourist season. We even went to Khakhorin to see the ancient capital ruins under Chinggis Khan. The monastery built in 1586 by ;Altai Khan and called Erdene Zuu Khiid was such a delight to see. We were even able to sit in on a ceremony of the monks chanting.

I thank you and Sabrina and Iris so very much for making this trip such a delightful experience and I enjoyed very much meeting you in person.

Maybe hopefully some day, I will see you again.

Best wishes for your New Year,


Itinerary:Beijing Tour and Trans-Siberian Train Tour

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