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2011-11-28 Jenny from Malaysia

Hi Lesley! Sorry for taking some time to get back to you on this. I was checking for feedback from my friends also. These are their feedback, overall positive 

• No negative comments as overall we had a great trip and most importantly a SAFE trip and all got back home without any unpleasant incidents.
• Night walk in Pingyao.. very cold and nice
• Good English speaking guides
• Beautiful scenery
• Our China tour was great! Beautiful scenery, good food and good people around.
• Great hotels
• Great lunch dishes… one of the most enjoyable experience for this trip 
• Driver in Shaanxi was very helpful, especially when we arrived in Pingyao in the evening and it was raining, he helped to bring our luggage to the Guesthouse
• Kept to agreement did not bring us to tourist shops like jade, medicine shops etc. Thank you!
• Mutianyu-Huanghuacheng Great Wall experience. Overall great. Driver was helpful, Simon was great sharing his experience and ordering good lunch dishes for us (actually along the trip food was very good). And Bao Sheng Ren Jia Farmhouse cooked us many delicious dishes. They were very generous and kind. The rooms were basic but clean. I would recommend the Farmhouse to others if they have transportation to the Wall. The Farmhouse is about 15mins drive to the Wall.
• And also to add for Brenda, she was very helpful and always around to help us take group pictures  Thanks to her.

Thanks Lesley!

Itinerary:Beijing, Shanxi, Xian

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