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2011-12-30 Kris from USA

Hi Eric,

First, let me start by saying that we had a great trip to China! Thank you and Eva for all of your help and tenacity in planning this was a trip filled with moments and memories my mother and I will not forget.

We filled out evaluation forms in Beijing, Guilin, and Shanghai and included comments for Xian on the back of the Guilin form.

Of all the guides and drivers, Heather and Leo (Guilin) facilitated (by far) the best experience. They were personable, flexible,fun and very knowledgable.

Jessica (Xian guide) and our guide in Beijing as well as the drivers (Mr Lee in Xian and the driver in Beijing) were also good. Jessica was especially knowledgable and had a very energizing personality.

The drivers in Beijing, Xian, and Huilin were courteous, friendly, attentive, and most importantly, safe! The cars were clean and well maintained. The temperature was perfect, and we did not have to wait
for the drivers once. This was noted and greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for a wonderful trip filled with countless experiences and memories.



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