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2012-04-09 Nacho from Spain

Hi, Lesley!!!

Hope you haven't forgotten about us. We haven't forgotten you and I just seen this pending email... since October!!! but I promised to reply.. here it goes.

Our tour with you was magnificent. We really enjoyed a lot and we really want to thank your professionalism and the way you handle the reservation, the communication and even the issues we had in one small part of the trip. Everything was wonderful and I wish all travel agencies work as you did with us.

If I go by sequence:

- Our first part of the trip, in Beijing, was very good. The tour guide was superb and she really understood our requirements and met our expectations by far. She was even taking time from her private life to accompany us to different places, markets and even helping us to bargain in some shops... Her English was very good and none of the questions were unanswered. It was great sharing the time with her and very useful to know the real china better than only the tourist part of it.

- In Xian, the tour guide was very good in the Terracotta Soldiers. His English was very good. I would like also to mention the dinner we had with you, that it was wonderful, is the typical place we would not know if we were not with you. We really enjoy all dumplings in all different styles... Great to know you as well, Lesley!!!

- In Shanghai, our tour guide (Michael) was very nice, very smiley and very happy. He really took us around and found very good places for us and advised us what prices are ok and what prices are expensive. He also took us within the tour to different places where not many expats were seen, what is very good as you find new places not crowded. He was always running to make sure we don't have to wait and even if we told him not to, he said is a respect for us. Wonderful!!!. His English was very good and we wish him the very best success in his life.

Overall the trip was wonderful. The services provided by your travel agency as well and if we have to come back to any place, we'll definitely call you again.

Take a lot of care and sorry for the delay.


Itinerary:Beijing, Xian, Shanghai

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