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2012-03-05 L. M. VISAGIE from South African

Dear Cherry,

The followings are my comments on the China Tour arranged by CCT.

1. Guide Service and Shops

In general, what did you think of our guide service?

Think they were amazing, when we asked to change the schedule they were very willing both in Xian and Shanghai. We didn’t need any changes to our Beijing leg but Im sure they would have been willing too!

Did the tour guides speak clearly and politely to make themselves understood?

Yes, English was very good all around and the guides taught us a lot of the history we didn’t know even though we read up on it through tour books beforehand.

Did any guides stand out for reasons good or bad?

I would recommend all 3 guides we had for any tour – Tiffany, Faye and Jimmy! Excellent job done.

How often did each guide arrange stops at souvenir shops or factories? Did the guide seek your agreement to make such stops or did you feel pressed to do some shopping?

We asked for non shopping tour and thats what we got. In Shanghai we did ask Jimmy for a stop at silk factory and he arranged that as well as tour through the factory. Bought nice silk pajamas and duvet for daughter.

2. Driver Service and Vehicle

How did you feel about our driver service?
Mr Leo, Mr Bai and our driver in Shanghai are all excellent drivers and we always felt safe. Much better than the taxi we needed to get in Shanghai due to the flight diversion to other airport.

Was your tour vehicle clean and equipped with air-conditioners?
Yes spotless clean and temperature fine.

3. Meals

What did you think of the meals arranged by us (especially after the vegetarian food in Xian)? Did you have any favorites? Did you strongly dislike any particular meal? Why?
Meals are different from what we’re used to even the Western ones we had. But was good overall. Sometimes way too much food! We enjoyed the dumpling banquet most. Hotel breakfasts were very good.

4. Hotels

How did you feel about the hotels we selected for you? Which was your favorite? Were there any you wouldn’t recommend to other travelers? Why?
The Xian and Shanghai hotels were brilliant. The Beijing hotel’s beds were not as comfortable.

5. References
Would you mind serving as a reference and allowing us to post your comments on our website?
No problem, you can post comments
Again, thanks for your cooperation as always. By the way, would you like to send me some fantastic photos you took in China? It will be great sharing those wonderful moments with you.

Still need to go through the photos – will send to you and our guides asap
Wish you two and your beautiful phoenix and dragon a sweet and happy life forever. I am looking forward to your reply! Thx Cherry and same to you and your phoenix! Overall I must also say that Cherry your insistence on rather traveling a day earlier from Shanghai to Beijing saved us somewhat as the flights were cancelled due to weather as you warned us might happen. That advice and the advice on the scheduling of the rest of tour was brilliant. The shows that were arranged were also not mentioned on the questions above but can really recommend those too.

Itinerary:Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai

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