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2012-01-20 Mario and Yanie from Indonisia


sorry such a very late greetings!! We are exhausted because a week after our tour, we had to go back to USA. I still experiencing jet lag and busy with work and stuff. Has to go back to work to save some money for next acation...just kidding!

I will answer your question:

1. The tour guide that i like the most is Nancy in Xi'an, Heather in Guillin, and Jimmy in Shanghai. They are all nice, super friendly, and seems to know lots of China culture and history. they also answer any of our questions and try their best to meet my demand especially when i need to go to restroom in the middle of the traffic jam in Xi'an. I won't forget how Nancy help me find at least a closed restroom; Shopping and shops is good, I think Jade and terracotta factories is the must and any other souvenir shops. our tour guide mostly has a good English and speak clearly.

2. We don't have any complaint about our driver. they seem all nice and polite. the car is also clean and some are bigger than what we expected which is good. we can sleep on our way to any place.

3. the best breakfast actually in Dongfang hotel in Beijing, the food was excellent.

4. We like Shanghai hotel the best. Guilin, Xi'an and Beijing hotel is good too and clean.

5. We don't mind if you want to post any of our comments to your website. and i will provide some pictures to you too, sarah.

Thank you for the great tour that you provided to us. We really enjoyed it and glad that we chose China for our honeymoon. Jesus bless you and family.

Mario and Yanie


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