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2013-11-15 Harry from Australia

hi lesley

things have slowed down just a bit so i want to give you this feedback now.

to make sense of my feedback i will refer to each of the guides and respective drivers as per our itinerary from beginning to end. here goes

guide was theresa

theresa was excellent. she knew here stuff and went the extra mile in that she stayed with us on our free day. she had a good command of the english language.

the driver was fine too and his vehicle was clean and well kept.

guide was jacky (male)

this was a transit to the yangzee cruize. jacky was very proud of his city and showed us around before going to the cruize ship. he also spoke and understood english well.

jacky's driver worked well too.

yangzee cruize
shangri-la room was very nice. we had a nice time on the cruize.

guide was trevor

this was a transit trip. trevor spoke and understood english well. we were caught up in very heavy traffic to the airport and trevor was really on top of what was happening. he had a plan to catch the train if the traffic remained bad. fortunately he got us to the airport on time. his driver did very well too and under a stressful situation kept his cool
jiu zhaigou
guide was tina

tina knew her english well and we had a nice time with her. nothing was a problem for her or her driver. they had a very good relationship and work together regularly. tina was very organised and knew her way around to get things/tickets etc. and the best way to do things.

guide was eva. eva was proficient in her command of the english language and knew and did her job very well indeed.

guide was cherry. she did look after us and was on time and helpful.

guide was sally
sally was lovely and very good at her job and her maturity and knowledge was exceptional. her english was very good and she was easy to understand and good fun. she was very considerate to our needs, for example we mentioned that we were tired of chinese food and she organised for us to have some english food.

guide was grace
grace had good english and was easy to understand. she knew her subject matter well and we had a nice time with here. she took us to the leaping tiger gorge where we were met by our new guide terry.

guide was terry
terry was an exceptional guide. his english was excellent and his knowledge was also excellent. Terry also helped us to get western style food and our stay was made all the better with terry and his experience. his driver was also every willing to help.

guide was bing
bing was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable.

i have forgotten the guides name here but she was good as was her driver.

we had a great trip and no hiccups except for one flight which was delayed for 40 minutes due to weather. this happens and was not a problem.

our accommodation and locations were fine and of a very good standard. food at the hotels was excellent providing for westerners.

we would recommend your agency to any friends considering travelling to china.

i hope this helps you lesley and thanks for organising our trip and ensuring a great time for us.


Itinerary:Shanghai, Yichang, Chengdu, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Xian, Beijing

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