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2013-10-25 Andy from USA

Hello Karen:

It is now Friday at 5 a.m. In another half hour, I'll be taken from this Beijing hotel to the airport for my flight back to the US.

Many thanks for your excellent arrangements for me on this trip. You thought of everything and you are very kind. I had a most pleasant visit on account of you. Despite the fact that Mr.Liu's situation makes me sad, I've had a very pleasant sight-seeing visit during this short trip.

Mr.Liu is the "fallen off the crack" victim of a robustly growing economy. He is ill equipped to deal with the changes, and with no means of support. So he at 63, his sister at 60 and mother at 97 simply try to survive from day to day. All plans to make things more comfortable by them have met with obstacles of one sort or another, and they see no hope for the future.
That - is the starting point for today, and I do leave with a "heavy heart".

You have been very kind to me. Many... many thanks!


Itinerary:Beijing, Taiyuan, Pingyao

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