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2013-03-07 Heather from USA

Dear Heather Lowe,

Welcome home.

Hope this email finds you’ve back to your best condition from your 1 day’s Terracotta Warriors trip ! It is really my great honor to operate this tour for you. I wish I could have the chance to provide the service for you or any one related to you again in the future.

As you know, CCT always striving to improve the quality of the service in every respect, so it will be highly appreciated if you could spare a couple of minutes to write some comments on your experience with us in China.

1. Guide Service and Shops
In general, what did you think of our guide service? Did the tour guides speak clearly and politely to make themselves understood? Did any guides stand out for reasons good or bad? How often did each guide arrange stops at souvenir shops or factories? Did the guide seek your agreement to make such stops or did you feel pressed to do some shopping?

The guide was amazing. She was exceptionally knowledgeable and well-spoken. I was very happy to have her as my guide - she made the entire experience much better.

There was no pressure to shop.
I did request to go in one shop, and I would have liked to have had some help in bargaining there, or at least some advice - because the shop clerk took advantage of me and charged me $80 for an item that I later learned sold everywhere else for just $10. I don't think my guide saw what happened. It is not her fault at all - I just wish to report this so that in future, guides can be aware on behalf of clients.

2. Driver Service and Vehicle
How did you feel about our driver service? Are they always polite to you? Was your tour vehicles clean and equipped with air-conditioners?

The vehicle was excellent and the driver very courteous and professional.

Then, could you do me a favor? Even we have served a lot of foreign visitors in recent years, we have few comments on the third-party forum--Trip Advisor. As you may know, Trip Advisor has a deep affect on the people who plan to travel. And a true review from our clients is a good way to convince our potential clients. Could you please help me post your comments on the Trip Advisor? The following is the link, many thanks for your kind cooperation in advance.

Lastly, would you like to share some fantastic photos you took in Xi’an? I will be much glad to keep some glorious picture of my guests, thus can always help me to remember those precious memories we used to have. However, if this is convenient for you, please just feel free to forget it.

I will forward some once I download my camera card. Thanks!

Wish you a sweet and happy life always.

Best Regards,



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