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2014-06-07 Chandru from USA

Hi Lesley,

Wanted to thank you gain for all your help! We had a wonderful time and everything went as planned. I have posted a very positive feedback on TripAdvisor about your company.

The arrangements were true to the agreed plan with no surprises or bait and switch or excessive attempts to push us on those hated shopping stops.

Some comments about the guides. Zoe in Beijing was excellent. We really liked her a LOT - her English was very very good, her knowledge and her history was excellent. We enjoyed trips with her the best.

Sunny in Xi'an seemed to have a good grasp on history and would probably been an excellent Chinese guide. We liked her though and seemed really interested in her job.

Their pricing was very reasonable and compared very favorably, if not less than putting it together yourselves. We had booked our own hotels and air to/back to China, but let them take care of the rest.

In short, I would highly recommend them. Just make sure you get guides that you can understand. Suggest you speak to the guides over the phone before you travel to make sure you can understand them.

Thanks again!


Itinerary:Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xian, Beijing

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