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2014-05-03 Brian Millar from Canada

Dora set up a tour for me in Xi'an and Beijing. The Xi'an tour was conducted by a young woman named Sunny who was a local and thoroughly knowledgeable about my history. Because of an holiday a bus tour was unavailable so I got a personalized tour with a private guide and driver which is very good service. Sunny personalized the tour at every stage going faster or slower depending on my interests and rearranged things accordingly. The restaurants and hotels were fine particularly when Sunny made recommendations. I have lived in China for two years in an entirely different area so her recommendations on local favorites gave me a different taste of China.

The Beijing tour was a bus tour so it was less personalized, but it was still a small group and the guide was knowledgeable and left us with adequate time to explore on our own after hitting the high points at location. Once again the selected restaurants and hotel were very good quality and the food recommendations were also tasty and new. Evenings were free in both locations and drivers were co-operative in dropping people off in nearby areas and giving directions if people had restaurant or shopping plans in the evening.I can highly recommend the company for its customer service and desire to please and that is not always an easy thing to say in China. Good job and thanks.

Itinerary:Xi'an, Beijing

China Tour Reviews
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