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2015-05-06 Sarah from USA

I went to China and Tibet by myself, so was worried that something would happen. But my agent, Naomi organized an 18 day trip to China and Tibet for me, she answered questions that I had very quickly. When I moved to the other place, she asked me how I was doing. She even met me in Xian, and I had a good time with her. Additionally, most of the Chinese guides, including the Tibetan guide, were so nice and kind. They were on time constantly, and if they weren't, they apologized.
One downside of the trip was when I went to Tibet. I had high altitude sickness and a cold.
Also I feel that the agency needed to give more detailed information about the trip like what to bring and what problems I may have come across.
Overall I really appreciate Naomi and the other guides. I saw many interesting things on my trip and enjoyed my time.

Itinerary:Beijing- Shanghai- Xian- Chengdu-Lhasa- Gynantsa- Shigatse- EBC

China Tour Reviews
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