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2016-09-10 Arakaki from USA

I spent about 1 month in China visiting Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Yunnan region, Guangxi region, Shanghai, and Tibet.

My travel consultant was great! I told her the areas that I wanted to visit, how long I wanted to stay, and she was able to make all of the travel arrangements (Hotels, trains, flights, day tours, group tours, private tours and on my own) for me. I traveled on my own to the different cities and was able to be independent and do my own site seeing as well! When I first got to China, my travel consult with txt me to make sure I left to the train station or airport on time and would txt me the information of the guide (if I had a guide for the day). It was very convenient and I felt like I had someone to contact if I had any questions. I had a great time and Thank you for making traveling in China so easy! I saw a ton and have a great time!

Itinerary:Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Yunnan region, Guangxi region, Shanghai, and Tibet

China Tour Reviews
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