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2016-07-06 Darjan from USA

This was my first time in China and definitely I wanted to make the most of it. I found this travel agency online while searching for the best option for my travel to China. I traveled with my wife and kid and I want to have a safe and enjoyable experience. I will present my experience considering the Plus and Minus of this travel experience.
i. Customer Service: Eric Xu the travel agent for my trip was outstanding on customer service. Eric helped me, clarified my doubts and looked for the best options based on my requests. I had many questions about my trip, specifically about the food as I do not eat traditional Chinese food and I wanted a hotel with American breakfast buffet.
ii. Price: This Company is by far really cost-efficient compared to other that I have searched and got quotes. I searched,, among others.
iii. Customer contact: I had some doubts and situations on the way and Eric was available to help me and he got solutions for my situations. He was always ready to help me. I contacted him by “WhatsApp”, while I was in China.
iv. Itinerary details: I received a detailed tailored itinerary for my nine (9) day trip to Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai with the hotels, flights, train and transportations.

C. Minus:
i. Hotels: I was in the Ibis Xian hotel and the breakfast was less than continental even though that it was a “Buffet” breakfast. It only had boiled eggs, bread, butter, milk, fruits, and cereal. No cheeses, hams, bacon, or sausages. There were other typical Chinese breakfast options but they were also limited.
ii. Tour: I asked for group tours and I had almost all tours with the individual tour, which I did not like because I love to interact with other people. Also, the tours had the obligatory shopping tours to the jade shops, Coffee demonstrations, and other super boring shop stops. I was informed of this but it is very boring and annoying as it is obligatory. Also, I had one tour guide which was unkind, inattentive, her English was really bad to understand, and we ended having a bad time. On the positive side, my Tour agent (Eric Xu) gave me a reimbursement for the bad experience with that bad tour guide at the Great Wall.

Itinerary:Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai

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