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2016-01-19 Tom, Kathy. from USA

Hi Dora
Thank you China Connections Tours! Your trip planning and quality arrangements are always top notch! We have traveled in China several times to different areas and continually use China Connections for our family and group tour planning arrangements. Our December 2015 trip to the Yunnan province, which included the cities of Kunming, Shangri-la, Lijiang and Dali, was another amazing adventure. Dora and John worked to provide exactly the kind of experience we were after and were so accommodating in coordinating activities for family members arriving and leaving at different times.

On our tour, we had outstanding English speaking guides who were there to help us learn about the minority people, culture, religions and geography of the region. We had quality meals and sampled various cuisines such as Tibetan and Bai, all the while participating in an enjoyable and invigorating itinerary that kept us moving, learning and fully experiencing the many sites this area has to offer. We were awed by the many beautiful mountain areas and enjoyed the many planned cultural experiences. We rode in cable cars to the mountain tops and then hiked to experience the beautiful scenery and fresh mountain air.

We had a week full of well-planned visits to amazing sites and venues at an affordable price. Our personal favorite was our visit to the tiger leaping gorge outside of Shangri-la. It is breathtakingly beautiful, and we enjoyed a pre-arranged lunch in an area where we could enjoy the beautiful scenery! The Yunnan Province is truly one of our favorite regions in China!

Thanks China Connections for arranging such a remarkable and memorable journey! We’ll be returning for more experiences and will be relying on you again for your planning expertise!
Tom and Kathy, U.S.

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