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Badaguan Scenic Area


Badaguan Scenic Area is a famous picturesque sanitarium area in China, located in the east of Qingdao City, Shandong Province. This place used to have eight avenues that were named after eight famous passes in China. Thus, it was named Badaguan, which means eight passes. Since 1949, two more avenues were built in the area and there are now actually ten avenues. However, its name still remains the same. Nicknamed the "Architecture Museum" it boasts more than 200 different architectural styles ranging from German to Dutch. The tiny lanes that vein this area are draped with cypress and peach and crabapple trees, lending it a botanical garden quality. Travel tips: Add: Zhengyangguan Road Qingdao Tel: +86 (0)532 689 0852 (Tourism Administration of Qingdao) Open hours: 24 hours daily Admission is free.

(Source:China.org.cn, 2007-08-02)